As you asked for some clarification on how to use TAKE and BRING,  I have posted this link (click on the picture). You can also check here for some videos that explain further.


2 Replies to “6TH – TAKE vs BRING”

  1. Hi , Tania
    I would like to thank you for uploading the bring vs take I wanted you to upload and thank you for making this website for helping us with all if our doubts .
    Goodbye !

    Hola Tania
    Te quería dar las gracias por subir el bring vs take que quería que subieses y gracias por crear esta página web para ayudarnos con todas nuestras dudas.
    Hasta pronto

    1. Hi Marco!!

      Thanks so much for your feedback and for checking the web from time to time. Creating this web has been a challenge for me this year, I have learnt a lot while doing it and I’m really happy I can help you and other students too.
      Thanks so much for your feedback!!
      C U on Monday!
      Teacher Tania

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